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Jeff Frye - Picture Taken 02-25-2005

Jeff Frye

Jeff Frye was born August 14, 1973 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is son of Marcia and Jerome Frye. Presently Jeff lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana and is diligently working as a web developer for several small and medium sized businesses in the area. His present work includes writing computer software and scripts for internet e-commerce and marketing solutions. Click on Portfolio to see some of his work.

Jeff's other interests include playing drums and dealing blackjack. His love of computers and music keep him very active and contribute to his good balance of skills and knowledge. His music pursuit has led him to playing in the band Slack Factor and his computer knowledge keeps him busy on a daily basis.

Jeff Frye began programming computers when he was just a child. His first computer was a Commodore Vic 20 and he soon learned BASIC and Assembly language to create his own video games. Many hours of his free time was dedicated to learning the personal computer and his interest continued into adulthood.

If you would like to contact Jeff, just click on 'Portfolio'. The contact information is located at the bottom of the page. Email is his preferred form of communication but if it would be impractical to email or access to the internet impossible then feel free to call by telephone.

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